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SirviS and Cyxtera Partner to Deliver a Fully Managed Bare Metal Cloud - Part 2

In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of bare metal cloud, a model in which customers can utilize dedicated, single-tenant servers in an opex, pay-per-use model. It provides the performance, security and control of a dedicated server with the scalability and rapid provisioning of a cloud instance.

Bare metal cloud services give customers access to the server resources they need without the delays associated with today’s IT supply chain. It’s also a good solution for short-term projects, edge services and transitioning from one service provider to another. Additionally, concerns about escalating public cloud costs are driving adoption of bare metal cloud services.

SirviS has partnered with Cyxtera to deliver a unique bare metal cloud service. With Cyxtera’s solution, customers can gain access to bare metal services in as little as 15 minutes and utilize them with flexible month-to-month terms. SirviS completes the offering with 24x7 managed services delivered by its experienced, U.S.-based team.

Bare Metal Cloud Benefits

Bare metal cloud is a cost-effective alternative to the public cloud. Organizations are assured of a stable monthly fee for the use of a dedicated server, with no data egress fees. By contrast, public cloud platform costs are highly variable, and customers frequently overrun their cloud budgets. Studies show that more than one-third of the cloud spend is wasted due to overprovisioned services.

Customers also have the option of smaller servers for edge computing applications. They don’t have to spin up a whole rack of expensive gear to support a workload for a small number of users. With Cyxtera’s solution, all servers and their associated networks can be viewed and administered from a single portal, simplifying operations.

Rapid Provisioning, All-Inclusive Fee

Cyxtera has taken a number of steps to ensure the availability of server hardware. The company maintains an inventory of what it calls “swing gear” — servers that can meet many common requirements. The server might not match the customer’s specifications exactly but will be close enough to support the workload while the customer is waiting for its gear to arrive.

If the server is in stock in one of Cyxtera’s 65 data centers worldwide, it can be available in minutes. The Cyxtera team can quickly spin up individual nodes or clusters for the customer’s virtual machines, along with Layer 3 network services for outside connectivity. The customer can then consume the server on demand. The monthly recurring fee for each type of server includes everything — the power, the rack, the switching and the Cyxtera software-defined network.

Managed Services from SirviS

SirviS provides a full suite of managed services on top of the Cyxtera bare metal server. The SirviS team performs monitoring and proactive maintenance of the operating system, virtual machines and applications. Customers can opt to have SirviS escalate any issues to their in-house IT team, or choose a fully outsourced model in which SirviS handles everything from end to end. Either way, SirviS becomes an extension of the customer’s IT staff.

The SirviS team can also support the network and provide managed security services. Additionally, SirviS offers a managed backup and recovery solution to protect the customer’s systems and ensure that data can be recovered.

Best of all, the SirviS managed services solution is available on the same month-to-month terms as the bare metal server, as well as longer-term options. It gives customers the ability to consume Cyxtera’s bare metal server resources in a fully managed model.

Bare metal cloud is a great option for customers waiting on equipment or for use cases in which a flexible opex model is desirable. Together, SirviS and Cyxtera deliver a fully managed bare metal cloud on month-to-month terms.


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