SirviS was established in 2017 by a small team of industry veterans by combining two successful technology service organizations. The new company was rebranded as SirviS, resulting in a unique world-class, channel-centric IT service organization with global reach.


SirviS provides engineering expertise, resource planning and project management as an all-in-one, transformative IT solution, driving business evolution - globally.


SirviS  Focus & Technologies

SirviS Engineering is focused on designing, integrating, configuring, deploying, supporting, managing and securing the following enterprise technologies:



SirviS clients range from creative new start-ups to established brands, Fortune500, Healthcare, Defense and state, local and federal government agencies.

Our clients and partners benefit from our unique ability to operate efficiently in their own IT environment and/or remotely, providing the right people, resources and solutions to successfully execute even the most demanding IT projects, with cost-effective, expert IT solution, anywhere in the world.


Letter From the President


So far, 2020 has proved to be a challenging year for almost everyone.  However, SirviS is committed to moving forward helping our clients, partners, employees and families get through these tough times.

These unique set of circumstances have caused monumental changes in the global markets.   Companies have evolved into large scale distributed workforces almost overnight and have quickly adapted to the new reality.  SirviS has responded and adjusted without compromising services and support levels to accommodate this shift.

We’ve also focused on retooling our services to match the evolving technology transformations that go along with the new business mindset.  We are embracing this new reality, increasing our agility as well as our response.

Our name itself is organically based on the fundamental idea of servicing others and this is and will always be our number one focus and top priority.  More so than ever, we can’t forget the human element, which comes before any new advanced technology.  Our purpose is the people we serve.

We remain committed to bringing the right people to execute your IT project successfully and we will continue to operate efficiently in the customer environment or remotely, with absolutely no compromise on service levels.

Although we are still in the grip of the pandemic, we clearly see a pathway forward and will continue to assist you to navigate through this new world with emphasis on transforming technology to meet your evolving business needs.

We are committed to servicing you.


Dean Hale
Dean Hale

President and Founder of SirviS