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The Revolutionary Alternative to High Cost TPM Contracts.

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Today’s sophisticated IT equipment no longer aligns with conventional high-price support contracts that were required for older, more complex systems.

Current equipment is more straightforward, fault tolerant and features built-in redundancy, enabling the technology to safely remain in ‘degraded status’ for extended periods. This evolution has significantly reduced the criticality for maintenance contracts with 4-hour response SLAs.


More importantly, it has rendered the conventional support model with high premiums and costly upfront annual commitments as largely unnecessary.


Why Choose SirviS MD?

Pay per incident only – with minimal subscription

Potential savings 40% - 75% vs conventional support contracts

Significantly reduced Opex spending

Transparent, guaranteed ROI model

Global access to SirviS service technicians and OEM parts

Veteran team committed to support delivery

New Approach for Server/Storage/Network Maintenance

SirviS has revolutionized the traditional high-priced support model with its innovative pay-per-incident model.

SirviS MD offers a practical approach to your on-demand maintenance contract: a guaranteed Next Business Day (NBD) SLA commitment for the majority of your data center, and 24/7/4 support for your most critical systems. Enterprises are charged a minimal subscription fee and then pay only when service or parts are needed. The risk of high costs is eliminated completely with SirviS’s not to exceed (NTE) maximum cost amount.


Guaranteed Savings:


Avoid the high, unnecessary upfront costs of long-term maintenance contracts with SirviS MD’s pay-per-incident service with NTE cap.


Practical SLA Commitment:


4-hour SLAs are typically tied to high premiums, and are truly no longer necessary with today’s advanced systems. Our NBD SLA commitment is ideal for anything but your most ultra-critical systems.


Same Trusted Service:


If you think your TPM has exclusive access to parts or top-tier technicians, think again. SirviS MD provides the top-quality hardware and service support you have come to rely on to keep your business running smoothly.


Seasoned Professionals:


SirviS’s team is comprised of industry veterans with decades of experience providing hardware maintenance and professional service to enterprises around the world.


SirviS MD

Contract Includes


Minimal subscription cost
On-demand, pay-as-you-go maintenance contract
Parts + technician (as required by customer)
NBD SLA commitment
24/7/4 support for ultra-critical systems
Not to exceed (NTE) maximum amount on total out-of-pocket costs
Quarterly in-depth reports

Sample Savings for

Typical Enterprise:

Scenario 1:

TPM Contract

Upfront contract = $325k
Covered systems = 1,300
Service calls = 130
15 calls requiring parts & labor
115 calls requiring parts only

Total annual cost = $325k

Scenario 2:

SirviS MD Contract

Subscription fee = $105k
Covered systems = 1,300
Service calls = 130
15 calls requiring parts & labor = $30k
115 calls requiring parts only = $10k

Total annual cost = $145k

Bottom line savings = $180k



Senior Account Manager


"I choose SirviS for Third Party Maintenance contracts. For domestic and international locations they have proven to be easy to work with and make my customer happy."

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