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How Medical Practices Can Benefit from Managed Services

Technology has transformed the healthcare industry. Medical practices are utilizing electronic health records (EHRs) to digitize patient information, test results, medical imaging, physicians’ notes and more. They are using telehealth platforms to deliver high-quality care while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Practitioners need reliable access to computer systems and data 24x7, and the ability to share that data securely with patients, other providers and insurance companies. They must also ensure that sensitive information is protected against cyber threats, and that security controls meet the requirements of HIPAA regulations and state privacy laws.

That’s a tall order for midsize medical offices that don’t have IT professionals on staff. Front office personnel are typically responsible for maintaining IT equipment and troubleshooting problems. Even if they are fairly technical, they may not have the skills needed to administer today’s complex systems, networks and cloud resources. Additionally, front office staff have other responsibilities that often take priority.

That’s a risky proposition given that downtime can be devastating to a busy medical practice. Worse, data loss or exposure could trigger hefty fines for noncompliance with HIPAA, and erode patient trust. By partnering with a qualified managed services provider (MSP) such as SirviS, medical practices can gain 24x7 monitoring and management, enhanced data protection, and ready access to experienced professionals who can quickly resolve problems.

Comprehensive IT Management

The SirviS managed services solution provides everything medical practices need to maximize the availability, performance and security of their IT environments. The SirviS team understands HIPAA requirements and can ensure that appropriate access controls and data protection measures are in place.

Because email now plays an important role in patient communications, SirviS can help medical practices implement and manage a secure email solution, and utilize data loss prevention tools to control what data is sent via email. The SirviS team also has deep expertise in networking, and can enable healthcare practitioners to share data securely, both internally and externally. They can also assist with the management, support and security of telemedicine applications.

Desktop and laptop management is a key component of the SirviS managed services solution. SirviS keeps these devices updated and secured to protect against growing cyber threats. This is particularly important with the laptops doctors use to take notes when seeing patients — if a device were lost or stolen, sensitive information could be compromised.

Support and More

SirviS provides a highly responsive 24x7 help desk for prompt user support whenever needed. Additionally, SirviS can serve as a surrogate with hardware and software vendors and open support cases on the practice’s behalf. This helps to expedite support and provides centralized management that reduces the “finger-pointing” that can occur when multiple vendors are involved in a support request. The SirviS team recognizes that meeting SLAs is especially important when working with medical practices.

Managed services are just one component of SirviS’s comprehensive suite of offerings. If a medical office is looking to implement a standalone EHR application, for example, SirviS can assist in the selection of that solution and host it in the cloud or the SirviS data center environment. SirviS can contract for the application and lease it back as a turnkey solution, or host and administer an application purchased by the medical practice.

By partnering with SirviS, medical practices gain the peace of mind that their IT environments are being managed effectively. The SirviS team helps protect sensitive data, secure communications and ensure that regulatory requirements are met, and provides responsive support around the clock for busy practitioners. Medical practices with limited or no IT staff gain a comprehensive IT management solution for a predictable monthly fee.


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