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How SirviS Can Save You Time and Money on Server Memory Upgrades

As demands on the IT environment increase, many organizations are finding that their compute platforms aren’t up to the job. If servers are running at more than 75 percent capacity, there simply aren’t enough resources available to handle peak loads. A server upgrade may be needed to ensure that off-peak remains below 50 percent.

One of the most important factors impacting server performance is the amount of memory installed within the machine. Enterprise servers must be configured with enough memory to handle today’s workloads.

Most organizations purchase memory from the server manufacturer, and have the manufacturer install it. This can add a significant amount of cost to the machine — and with today’s memory shortages, delay delivery as well.

A better approach is to purchase a bare-bones server and have SirviS perform the memory upgrade. SirviS can install the memory cost-effectively with shorter lead times than the manufacturer.

Server Performance Challenges

A 2019 Forrester Research study found that companies keep servers an average of four years, with as much as 40 percent of existing infrastructure more than three years old. More than half of companies wait even longer than four years to replace servers. The study found that aging infrastructure caused poor application performance and was unable to support demanding workloads. Less than 30 percent of on-premises apps were meeting performance demands.

While the COVID-19 pandemic delayed many upgrade projects, organizations in retail, gaming and other sectors that depend on customer-facing applications must ensure that their infrastructure can handle peak demand. Otherwise, a burst in load could bring the system down, negatively impacting the customer experience.

Problem is, there are shortages of many IT products due to pandemic-related supply chain disruptions. Customers are facing 10- to 12-week lead times to purchase servers. If they ask the manufacturer to upgrade the memory, they will face an even longer wait.

The SirviS Integration Center

The SirviS Global Integration Center allows us to complete server memory upgrades quickly and cost-efficiently. This 10,000-square-foot facility provides the lab space needed to install, configure and test hardware components. It is staffed by experienced engineers and technicians who are certified by the major hardware vendors.

Value-added resellers (VARs) who procure servers and memory on behalf of their customers can have them shipped to our Integration Center. This relieves the VAR of the burden of performing the memory upgrade while saving the customer money.

We will receive, unpack and inventory the equipment, and verify that all components are included. More importantly, we will test each DIMM prior to installation to reduce the risk of damage to the server. We have received DOA DIMMs on several occasions, but our team was able to quickly identify them, handle the RMA and obtain new DIMMs for the customer.

SirviS can also perform memory upgrades in the field for customers who need to boost the performance of production infrastructure. We can also add nodes to server clusters without taking the application offline.

Many organizations are looking to upgrade their servers to handle growing demands. Customers can save time and money by purchasing bare-bones servers and having SirviS install additional memory.


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