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One source for industry-leading skills in diverse IT disciplines

The success of any project hinges on the right skill sets. SirviS provides expertise where and when it’s needed through its Global Super Network of experienced engineers and technicians.

Even the largest enterprises struggle to maintain a deep enough bench of engineers to meet the requirements of every IT initiative. Technology vendors focus on their own products, and systems integrators tend to specialize in specific solutions. Increasingly, IT projects are global in scope, making it even more difficult to find skilled personnel.

To address these challenges, SirviS has focused on developing an elite group of providers with the skills and experience to handle complex projects. SirviS has the resources to quickly assemble a team capable of meeting the toughest requirements. We work in concert with VARs, MSPs, IT consultants and other service providers to deliver world-class solutions to their customers.

The SirviS Global Super Network is a unique model for the delivery of expertise across a wide range of IT disciplines. Through its longstanding relationships with this carefully vetted group of providers, SirviS is able to bring the right resources to bear for projects anywhere in the world.

Vetting Process:

Much more than supplemental staffing, the SirviS Global Super Network is designed to provide highly qualified resources to meet specific project requirements. Through a rigorous vetting process, SirviS has assembled a network of individuals and firms who are leaders in their particular disciplines. Each provider must also meet exacting standards for responsiveness and follow-through.



The SirviS Global Super Network encompasses every aspect of the modern data center, from infrastructure and cabling to the most advanced networking and security solutions. Providers have expertise in HPE, Cisco, Dell, EMC, IBM, NetApp, VMware, Microsoft, Juniper and Oracle, among many others. Every provider has up-to-date, real-world experience in his or her specialty, and follows industry standards and best practices to ensure that each solution meets business requirements for performance, availability, security and manageability.


Project Management:

The SirviS project management framework maximizes the value of provider resources and ensures that every project is completed on time and within budget. SirviS performs a thorough assessment to define project scope, analyze risk and develop a project timeline. A resourcing, scheduling and communications plan coupled with monitoring, measuring and tracking effectively coordinate provider resources to reach desired business outcomes.


Global Reach:

SirviS has completed projects worldwide, including time-sensitive initiatives encompassing multiple sites across a broad geography. Our Global Super Network gives us the reach and strength of a major consulting and integration firm, yet we retain the agility of a boutique organization capable of responding rapidly to client requests. We can also provide resources who understand the local language, culture, and business and political environment.


Benefits for Providers:

Becoming a provider in the SirviS Global Super Network offers a number of benefits. Providers have the opportunity to work on career-enhancing projects involving cutting-edge technologies. They also gain the ability to enhance their revenue streams, and build their own businesses by offering a wider range of services to their customers.

Become a Global Super Network Provider:

SirviS is committed to developing strong, long-term relationships with its providers. Our goal is to optimize the provider experience as well as ensure a successful project for the customer. SirviS is one of the fastest growing IT providers — more than 600 current projects and 150 percent YTD growth.

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