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Major Wireless Communications Provider


Industry Background:

Mobile communications providers are working rapidly to roll out 5G technology to support ever-increasing demand for wireless connectivity and bandwidth. In addition to the buildout of infrastructure, this requires the replacement of networking equipment in data centers around the world. The upgrades must be completed with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency to prevent the disruption of existing services.


Project Summary:

The deployment of 5G equipment presented a significant logistical challenge to a major wireless communications provider, creating a strain on the provider’s in-house resources. The provider asked SirviS to assist in the configuration, integration, testing and verification of the equipment, to be delivered in prebuilt racks to the provider’s data centers.


The SirviS Global Integration Center played a key role in the success of the project. Located in a secure facility in Englewood, Colo., the Global Integration Center features 10,000 square feet of space with open cabinets, test bays, workbenches and flexible power options including DC. Specially designed and purpose-built for core infrastructure projects, it enables SirviS to deliver fully populated cabinets that are crated and shipped complete to the customer’s site.


SirviS has the flexibility to customize and scale implementations from a handful of sites to hundreds of cabinets to be installed around the world. Additionally, SirviS can warehouse equipment and integrate fully kitted solutions for just-in-time delivery.


Project Specifics:

SirviS was tasked with integrating millions of dollars of advanced technology, some of which had not been operated outside of a lab environment and was still undergoing evaluations and certification. What’s more, SirviS was asked to take over from another provider, and had not been involved in the early decision-making. In some instances, SirviS engineers had to completely rearchitect the solution to meet project requirements. Their deep expertise in networking technologies helped to ensure the success of the initiative.


All of the equipment was brought into the SirviS Global Integration Center to be inventoried, tested for basic functionality, and prepared for configuration. The SirviS team then “racked and stacked” the equipment, performed pre-configuration, and ran the equipment through burn-in testing and validation. Once the fully populated racks were shipped to the customer’s sites, it was simply a matter of plugging in the equipment and connecting it to the network.


The project had an extremely aggressive timeline but SirviS was able to deliver the solution on time. Based upon the success of this project, SirviS continues to support the customer in the rollout of 5G technology throughout its environment. Ultimately, the initiative is expected to involve more than 2,500 fully populated cabinets to be deployed in more than 100 data centers across the U.S. alone.



SirviS delivered a turnkey solution backed by unmatched engineering expertise and project management capabilities, relieving the burden on the customer’s IT operational team. By pre-integrating the equipment, SirviS was able to reduce the time spent at each customer’s site by 25 percent, accelerating deployment and minimizing business disruption. The efficiencies created by the Sirvis Global Integration Center also reduced costs significantly.

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