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Combat Backup Complexity with SirviS Backup-as-a-Service

In a data-driven world, a reliable backup strategy is of immense strategic importance. However, with more data — and more types of data — being generated from increasingly distributed sources, the effort required to protect everything is contributing to backup fatigue in many organizations.

Although the consequences of data loss are well understood, a shocking number of companies seem to have simply conceded that backup has become too burdensome. According to recent surveys, 85 percent of organizations admit they don’t adhere to accepted backup best practices, and nearly a third say they never back up their business data because the process is so complicated and time-consuming that it interferes with day-to-day operations.

The results of such an approach are entirely predictable. More than 75 percent of organizations reported suffering downtime and data loss in 2021.

A reliance on outdated practices and technologies often contributes to backup complexity. Companies commonly use 10 or more different legacy backup products, each with separate processes and management systems. Because these tools were developed for conventional on-premises backups, they are ill-suited for today’s remote and hybrid work environments in which data is spread across multiple data centers, cloud platforms, edge servers and endpoint devices.

Better Backup in the Cloud

Cloud-based backup-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions can help companies close the gaps in their data protection strategies. A recent analyst report predicts the BaaS market will experience double-digit growth through 2027, reaching a market value of more than $65 billion.

Unlike on-premises backup environments that require investments in on-premises hardware and management software, BaaS solutions connect to cloud-based resources managed by a third-party provider such as SirviS to enable near-real-time backup and restore operations from offsite IT infrastructure.

The SirviS BaaS solution features best-in-class data protection in a solution that is designed and architected to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Recovery point objectives (maximum data loss) and recovery time objectives (maximum downtime) are established, with recovery prioritized by a customer-defined severity scale.

Physical, virtual and cloud workloads and SaaS data are backed up to the SirviS cloud. In the event of data loss, we ensure that customers can recover that data rapidly to minimize business disruption. Customers can choose from recovery only without replication, or full replication and recovery with quarterly testing by the SirviS team. Customers may also execute production recovery using a self-service portal.

Benefits of SirviS BaaS

Additional customer benefits include:

  • Reduced risk. Cloud-based backup helps organizations ensure that they’re utilizing the “3-2-1” data protection strategy that is a widely accepted best practice across the IT industry. In this model, three separate copies of data are made, with two of them stored on different media types and one located offsite. Isolating at least one copy of data in the cloud provides the best protection against data loss if onsite resources are damaged or compromised.

  • Simplified management. Customers can set up one-click backup, restore and failover functions without using complicated command-line interface tools. It only takes a few minutes to send backup jobs across a secure connection to the SirviS cloud.

  • Increased automation. BaaS solutions help eliminate human error with advanced automation features. After the initial setup, new data and any data changes are automatically backed up almost instantly. SirviS also provides automated data reduction, capacity management and data orchestration services.

Complexity and resource limitations often cause organizations to neglect their backup operations, but that is a risky choice. Backup-as-a-Service is a dependable and cost-effective solution that can significantly reduce the chance of catastrophic data loss. Give us a call to learn more about using the SirviS BaaS solution to safeguard your data assets.


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